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  Hon Dr John Bannon AO


Full Name John Charles Bannon AO
Date of Birth 07 May 1943
QualificationsAO (2007), BA, LLB
Public ActivitiesBorn in Bendigo, Victoria in 1943, John Bannon was educated in Adelaide. During the 1960's he took degrees in Arts and Law at the University of Adelaide, becoming president of the Australian Union of Students in 1968. During the early to mid-1970's he held a number of advisory positions including one in the Whitlam government's ministry of Labor and Immigration. In 1977 he was elected to the House of Assembly and within a year had been elevated to the Dunstan Cabinet. Labor's election loss in 1979 saw Bannon elected Opposition Leader. Guiding the Labor Party to victory in the 1982 election, Bannon became Premier and Treasurer, positions he would retain for almost a decade. The Bannon Premiership was characterised by an emphasis on careful budgetary management, offset by attempts to expand the state's economic foundations via the attraction of ambitious, large scale projects. The most notable of these included a multimillion dollar submarine contract, the Formula One Grand Prix and the controversial Multi-Function Polis initiative. Despite winning a third term in government at the 1989 election, Bannon's Premiership became increasingly tenuous as he was forced to announce in February 1991 a billion dollar bail-out of the troubled State Bank of South Australia. Further revelations of the magnitude of the State Bank disaster and Bannon's role in this led to his resignation in September 1992. He did not contest his seat of Ross Smith in the 1993 election. From 1994 to 1999 he was a director of the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Dr Bannon was appointed as Master of St Mark’s College, University of Adelaide from 2000 until 2008. He attained his PhD in history at Flinders University in 2006. He was a board member of Cricket Australia and the South Australian Cricket Association, Chair of the National Archives Advisory Council, and an active member of numerous other community organisations. Dr Bannon died in Adelaide on December 13 2015.
Deceased13 Dec 2015


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
17 Sep 1977 - 10 Dec 1993House of AssemblyRoss SmithAustralian Labor PartyRetired


Offices Held

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02 Oct 1979 - 10 Nov 1982Leader of the Opposition
10 Dec 1993Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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28 Sep 1978 - 15 Mar 1979Minister Assisting the Minister of Ethnic Affairs
28 Sep 1978 - 18 Sep 1979Minister of Community Development
15 Mar 1979 - 18 Sep 1979Minister of Local Government
15 Mar 1979 - 18 Sep 1979Minister of Recreation and Sport
10 Nov 1982 - 18 Dec 1985Minister of State Development
10 Nov 1982 - 20 Apr 1989Minister for the Arts
10 Nov 1982 - 04 Sep 1992Premier
10 Nov 1982 - 04 Sep 1992Treasurer
14 Dec 1989 - 02 Sep 1992Minister of State Development
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