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  Hon Des Corcoran AO


Full Name James Desmond (Des) Corcoran AO
Date of Birth 08 Nov 1928
QualificationsAO (1982)
Prior EmploymentAustralian Army
Public ActivitiesDes Corcoran was 15 when he became a member of the Labor Party in 1941. After leaving school he joined the Army, serving in Korea, Japan, and Malaya, and rising to the rank of Captain. He left the Army in 1961and was elected to the House of Assembly the following year, playing a role in the Walsh and later Dunstan governments between 1965 and 1968. With the defeat of the Labor Party in 1968 Corcoran became Deputy Opposition Leader under Dunstan. Labor's victory in the 1970 election saw him become Deputy Premier, taking on a number of ministerial responsibilities including Marine and Harbours and Public Works. He held these portfolios until Premier Dunstan's sudden resignation in early 1979. Corcoran was elected Premier by the ALP caucus soon afterwards
he also took over the positions of Treasurer and Minister for Ethnic affairs. As Premier, Corcoran displayed a more cautious, less flamboyant style than Dunstan but seemed to gain the confidence of the South Australian public. So good were the opinion polls in mid-1979 that he decided to call an early election, perhaps to gain a formal mandate for his Premiership. The campaign in the lead-up to the September election, however, was a disastrous one for Corcoran, with business groups and local paper The News firmly siding with Tonkin's Liberal Party. The election, held on the 15th, saw Labor soundly defeated with an 11 per cent swing to the Liberals. He was elected as member for Hartley in the Lower house in 1980.
Deceased03 Jan 2004


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
03 Mar 1962 - 28 May 1968House of AssemblyMillicentAustralian Labor PartyUnseated
22 Jun 1968 - 11 Jul 1975House of AssemblyMillicentAustralian Labor PartyChanged Seat
12 Jul 1975 - 16 Sep 1977House of AssemblyColesAustralian Labor PartyChanged Seat
17 Sep 1977 - 05 Nov 1982House of AssemblyHartleyAustralian Labor PartyNot Re-elected


Offices Held

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05 Nov 1982Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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11 Nov 1965 - 31 May 1967Minister of Repatriation
11 Nov 1965 - 16 Apr 1968Minister of Irrigation
11 Nov 1965 - 16 Apr 1968Minister of Lands
01 Jun 1967 - 26 Mar 1968Minister of Immigration
01 Jun 1967 - 26 Mar 1968Minister of Lands
26 Mar 1968 - 16 Apr 1968Deputy Premier
26 Mar 1968 - 16 Apr 1968Minister of Immigration and Tourism
17 Apr 1968 - 01 Jun 1970Deputy Leader of the Opposition
02 Jun 1970 - 15 Mar 1979Deputy Premier
02 Jun 1970 - 15 Mar 1979Minister of Marine
02 Jun 1970 - 15 Mar 1979Minister of Works
06 Oct 1977 - 15 Mar 1979Minister for the Environment
15 Feb 1979 - 15 Mar 1979Minister of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs
15 Feb 1979 - 18 Sep 1979Premier
15 Feb 1979 - 18 Sep 1979Treasurer
15 Mar 1979 - 18 Sep 1979Minister of Ethnic Affairs

Committee Information

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25 Mar 1965 - 11 Nov 1965Member - Parliamentary Committee on Land Settlement
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