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  Mr Steele Hall


Full Name Raymond Steele Hall
Public ActivitiesSteele Hall became member for Gouger in 1959. From 1965 to 1966 he served as Opposition Whip, then subsequently took over the Liberal and Country League leadership from Sir Thomas Playford in 1966, serving as Leader of the Opposition for 2 years before becoming Premier in 1968. The major political issue of the day was electoral reform: the deliberately inequitable electoral boundaries imposed by the LCL under Butler and Playford had been affecting the results of elections for forty years, and the level of publicity and protest about the matter had risen significantly in recent years. One of the 'progressive' members of the LCL, Hall introduced legislation to reform the House of Assembly to a more equitable system of representation - the internal repercussions of this self-sacrificing act to the LCL were severe, as it virtually guaranteed Hall's defeat at the next elections. Other important consequences of Hall's Premiership were seen in social welfare, Aboriginal affairs and abortion reform, although education remained a troubled area.

The LCL lost the 1970 election to Dunstan, as expected, and Hall remained Leader of the Opposition for 2 years before resigning as party leader, suggesting that the Party had 'lost its idealism [and] forgotten...its purpose for existence'. He founded the Liberal Movement before winning a Federal Senate seat in 1975, which he held for two years. He rejoined the Liberal Party in 1976 (which had changed its name from the Liberal and Country League in 1974). He became Federal Member for Boothby in 1981 and held the seat for the 15 years to 1996.
Other InformationSenator for SA 1975-77
House of Representatives Member for Boothby 1981-96


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
07 Mar 1959 - 09 Mar 1973House of AssemblyGougerLiberal and Country LeagueChanged Seat
10 Mar 1973 - 02 Apr 1973House of AssemblyGoyderLiberal and Country LeagueChanged Party
02 Apr 1973 - 11 Apr 1974House of AssemblyGoyderLiberal MovementResigned


Offices Held

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13 Jul 1966 - 16 Apr 1968Leader of the Opposition
02 Jun 1970 - 15 Mar 1972Leader of the Opposition
11 Apr 1974Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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17 Apr 1968 - 02 Jun 1970Premier
24 Apr 1968 - 02 Jun 1970Minister of Industrial Development
02 Mar 1970 - 02 Jun 1970Treasurer
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