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  Hon Sir Henry Barwell KCMG


Full Name Sir Henry Newman Barwell KCMG
Date of Birth 26 Feb 1877
QualificationsKCMG (1922)
EducationLLB 1899
Prior EmploymentLawyer
Public ActivitiesAdelaide born and educated, Henry Barwell was a prominent barrister working throughout South Australia in the early part of the century. A confident and uncompromising conservative, Barwell was elected as a Liberal member to the House of Assembly in 1915. He acted as Attorney-General for the majority of Peake's third Premiership. Following Peake's death in April 1920, Barwell became leader of the Liberal Party and Premier. Re-elected in 1921 with a comfortable majority, the Barwell government remained in office until 1924. Throughout his administration, Barwell emphasised the necessity of small government and wage "restraint". He was also responsible for large expenditures (almost five million pounds) on South Australia's ailing state railways. Overall, however, the Barwell government was an unpopular one, particularly among workers
this was not helped by his sometimes tactless political style. As a result, his government was decisively defeated by the Labor Party in the April 1924 elections. Barwell resigned from the South Australia Parliament in 1925 to become a Senator in the Federal Parliament. He resigned that position in 1928 to become the state's Agent-General in London, serving until 1933, but continued living in Britain. He competed in the 1934 British Empire Games (later known as the Commonwealth Games) in lawn bowling. He returned to South Australia in 1940 where he remained until his death in 1959.
Deceased30 Sep 1959


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
27 Mar 1915 - 16 Oct 1923House of AssemblyStanleyLiberal UnionChanged Party
16 Oct 1923 - 17 Dec 1925House of AssemblyStanleyLiberal FederationSeated Federal Parliament


Offices Held

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17 Dec 1925 - 30 Sep 1959Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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14 Jul 1917 - 27 Aug 1917Attorney-General
14 Jul 1917 - 27 Aug 1917Minister of Industry
29 Apr 1918 - 08 Apr 1920Attorney-General
29 Apr 1918 - 08 Apr 1920Minister of Industry
08 Apr 1920 - 16 Apr 1924Attorney-General
08 Apr 1920 - 16 Apr 1924Premier
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