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  Hon Sir John Bray KCMG


Full Name Sir John Cox Bray KCMG
Date of Birth 31 May 1842
QualificationsKCMG (1890)
Prior EmploymentSecretary, Daily Telegraph and Weekly Rail Newspaper Company Limited 1867
Adelaide Director, National Bank of Australasia 1887-92
Agent-General 1892-94
Public ActivitiesSir John Bray was South Australia's first locally born Premier. Educated in Adelaide and England, Bray became a solicitor before his election to the Lower House as a member for East Adelaide in 1871. He held this position for 21 years. He held office in the Blyth ministry as Minister for Justice and Minister for Education until the government resigned after a vote of no confidence was carried over Bray's acceptance of office after his original criticism of the government. He served as Attorney-General for the Colton government before becoming Premier in 1881 after neither Hawker or Colton were able to take the position. Regarded for his popularity and disarming personality, Bray held office for nearly three years, the record for the Premiership at the time. Important legislation passed under Bray's leadership included the Married Women's Property Act (1883) , which for the first time gave South Australian married women control over their own property and earnings after marriage. Early planning of the 1887 International Jubilee Exhibition in Adelaide also occurred under his leadership. His ministry ended in 1884 after Colton's vote of no confidence was passed, in part due to the government's administration of the Crown Lands Act (1888). Bray was later Chief Secretary in the first Downer and second Playford Ministries, Speaker of the Lower House for two years from 1888 - 1890 and represented South Australia at the first Federal Convention in Sydney. He became Agent-General for South Australia in London at Playford's request, retired due to failing health and died on the voyage back to Adelaide. He was buried at sea in 1894.
Deceased12 Jun 1894


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
14 Dec 1871 - 06 Jan 1892House of AssemblyEast AdelaidePre-Party SystemResigned


Offices Held

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31 May 1888 - 05 Jun 1890Speaker, House of Assembly
06 Jan 1892Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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15 Mar 1875 - 03 Jun 1875Minister of Justice and Education
06 Jun 1876 - 26 Oct 1877Attorney-General
24 Jun 1881 - 23 Apr 1884Chief Secretary
24 Jun 1881 - 16 Jun 1884Premier
23 Apr 1884 - 16 Jun 1884Treasurer
14 Oct 1885 - 08 Jun 1886Chief Secretary
08 Jun 1886 - 11 Jun 1887Treasurer
19 Aug 1890 - 06 Jan 1892Chief Secretary
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