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  Hon Lionel Hill


Full Name Lionel Laughton Hill
Date of Birth 14 May 1881
Public ActivitiesLionel Hill was brought up on a farm in Maitland. As a young man he was employed in the Adelaide Railway workshops, becoming involved in the union movement. In 1915, Hill was elected to the House of Assembly for the Labor Party. He held a number of ministerial portfolios in Gunn's Labor government and on the latter's resignation in 1926, became Premier. Elections the following year saw the Labor government defeated. Hill remained Opposition leader and with the onset of the Depression (made worse by drought) the Labor Party gained a landslide victory, winning 30 of the 46 seats in the Lower House. Hill, however, had inherited an extremely difficult situation - enormous State debt, negative economic growth, high unemployment and industrial strife. Against the wishes of many of his Labor colleagues Hill chose to pursue policies of reduced government spending (including aid to the unemployed) of the kind endorsed by business organisations. As a result, Hill and his ministry faced ostracism from their own Party and widespread disaffection from within the community. Hill was only able to continue as Premier with the support of the Liberal opposition. Realising his position was untenable, Hill resigned from the Premiership in 1933 to take up a post in London. He soon returned to Australia, running a business in Sydney for some years before his death in Adelaide in 1963.
Deceased19 Mar 1963


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
27 Mar 1915 - 21 Mar 1917House of AssemblyEast TorrensAustralian Labor PartyResigned
06 Apr 1918 - 08 Mar 1933House of AssemblyPort PirieAustralian Labor PartyNot Re-elected


Offices Held

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08 Mar 1933Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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16 Apr 1924 - 28 Aug 1926Commissioner of Public Works
28 Aug 1926 - 08 Apr 1927Minister of Education
28 Aug 1926 - 08 Apr 1927Premier
28 Aug 1926 - 08 Apr 1927Treasurer
17 Apr 1930 - 13 Feb 1933Minister of Education
17 Apr 1930 - 13 Feb 1933Premier
17 Apr 1930 - 13 Feb 1933Treasurer
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