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  Hon John Jenkins


Full Name John Greely Jenkins
Date of Birth 08 Sep 1851
Public ActivitiesOriginally from Pennsylvania, John Jenkins was the only American-born South Australian Premier. He came to South Australia on business in 1878 and decided to stay, setting up as a bookseller. In the 1880's he became involved in local government politics and in 1887 was elected, on a protectionist platform, to the House of Assembly. During the 1890's he held several ministerial portfolios including Commissioner of Public Works in the Kingston government. With the election in 1901 of numerous prominent South Australian political figures to the new Federal Parliament, including the Premier, Frederick Holder, Jenkins was given the opportunity to form a ministry. The election of a new Parliament in 1902 saw Jenkins forced to rely on the support of the conservative Australasian National League in order to stay in power. Although Jenkins had previously supported the progressive policies associated with Kingston's Premiership, he and his ministers found it necessary to move increasingly to the right in order to pacify the ANL. As a consequence government spending and regulation of private industry were curtailed. In 1905 Jenkins resigned and moved to London, where he took up the post of Agent-General for South Australia, in addition to pursuing private business interests. He died in England in 1923.
Deceased22 Feb 1923


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
02 Apr 1887 - 02 May 1902House of AssemblySturtPre-Party SystemBoundary Redistribution
03 May 1902 - 26 May 1905House of AssemblyTorrensPre-Party SystemNot Re-elected
26 May 1905Not Re-electedUnknown


Offices Held

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26 May 1905Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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02 Mar 1891 - 06 Jan 1892Minister Controlling Northern Territory
02 Mar 1891 - 06 Jan 1892Minister of Education
06 Jan 1892 - 21 Jun 1892Commissioner of Public Works
20 Apr 1894 - 01 Dec 1899Commissioner of Public Works
08 Dec 1899 - 01 Mar 1905Chief Secretary
15 May 1901 - 01 Mar 1905Premier
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