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  Hon Archibald Peake


Full Name Archibald Henry Peake
Date of Birth 15 Jan 1859
Public ActivitiesArchibald Peake came to South Australia from Victoria, where his family had migrated from London. He represented Albert in the Lower House from 1897-1915 where he supported progressive legislation, before forming a Liberal-Labor coalition government with Price in 1905, with Price as Premier and Peake as Treasurer and Attorney-General. Peake was prominent in the Liberal and Democratic Union (LDU), formed in 1906, and assumed the Premiership on Price's death in 1909, filling his ministry with LDU members. Defeated in 1910 after Labor's election victory, Peake rallied the anti-Labor parties to form the Liberal Union (LU), relinquishing many of the principles of the LDU in the process. The Liberals won a majority in 1912 and Peake became Premier and Treasurer. This government acted to increase the accessibility of Legislative Council membership and created the Industrial Arbitration Court, which was later responsible for the introduction of the minimum wage for workers. Described as one of South Australia's ablest Premiers, Peake's greatest achievement was the locking of the Murray River in co-operation with New South Wales, Victorian and Federal Governments, but his most enduring legacy to South Australia was his participation in the polarisation of the state's politics into a two Party system. He lost to Labor in 1915 due to perceived 'German' sympathies, in an election which also cost him his own seat. He was considered so critical to Party leadership that a colleague resigned the seat of Alexandra to him, allowing Peake to retake Cabinet over the conscription issue in 1917, after forming a coalition with the Nationalists. In 1918, after winning a majority, women's rights in South Australia were improved by changes to the divorce laws, before personal and political disagreements led to the dissolution of the coalition in 1920. This stressful time took its toll on Peake and he died in April of that year of a cerebral haemorrhage.
Deceased06 Apr 1920


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
22 May 1897 - 03 Jul 1897House of AssemblyAlbertMinisterialistUnseated
31 Jul 1897 - 02 May 1902House of AssemblyAlbertPre-Party SystemBoundary Redistribution
03 Nov 1906 - 02 Apr 1910House of AssemblyVictoria and AlbertLiberal & Democratic UnionChanged Party
02 Apr 1910 - 26 Mar 1915House of AssemblyVictoria and AlbertLiberal UnionNot Re-elected
19 Jun 1915 - 06 Apr 1920House of AssemblyAlexandraCommunity Leadership Independence CoalitionDeceased


Offices Held

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06 Apr 1920Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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26 Jul 1905 - 05 Jun 1909Attorney-General
26 Jul 1905 - 22 Dec 1909Treasurer
05 Jun 1909 - 03 Jun 1910Minister of Education
05 Jun 1909 - 03 Jun 1910Premier
22 Dec 1909 - 03 Jun 1910Commissioner of Crown Lands
17 Feb 1912 - 03 Apr 1915Premier
17 Feb 1912 - 03 Apr 1915Treasurer
21 Jan 1915 - 21 Jan 1915Minister of Education
21 Jan 1915 - 03 Apr 1915Minister of Industry
14 Jul 1917 - 15 May 1919Chief Secretary
14 Jul 1917 - 06 Apr 1920Premier
27 Aug 1917 - 29 Apr 1918Attorney-General
15 May 1919 - 06 Apr 1920Treasurer
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