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  Mr Tom Price


Full Name Thomas Price
Date of Birth 19 Jan 1852
Public ActivitiesThomas Price was born in rural Wales and grew up in Liverpool in an impoverished working class environment. This experience, in addition to his later work as a mason and a lay preacher, imbued in him a deep interest in social conditions in industrial England. He carried this concern with him when he came to South Australia in 1883, becoming involved in the fledgling trade union movement. In 1891 he joined the United Labor Party and two years later he won a seat in the House of Assembly. In the 1890's he supported the Kingston government in its implementation of progressive social legislation, but felt only a Labor government could bring about the sorts of reforms necessary to significantly improve the conditions of South Australia's workers and small farmers. Price became leader of the ULP in 1899 and despite a disastrous showing in the 1902 election., led the Party to government in the 1905 election. South Australia's first Labor Premier, Price was responsible for enacting a moderate platform of social democratic reforms including the introduction of free state secondary school education and legislation to improve working conditions. His health had been failing for some time, however, and he died in office in May 1909.
Deceased31 May 1909


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
15 Apr 1893 - 02 May 1902House of AssemblySturtAustralian Labor PartyBoundary Redistribution
03 May 1902 - 31 May 1909House of AssemblyTorrensMinisterialistDeceased


Offices Held

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31 May 1909Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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26 Jul 1905 - 05 Jun 1909Commissioner of Public Works
26 Jul 1905 - 05 Jun 1909Minister of Education
26 Jul 1905 - 05 Jun 1909Premier
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