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  Hon Crawford Vaughan


Full Name Crawford Vaughan
Date of Birth 14 Jul 1874
Public ActivitiesCrawford Vaughan was born in Adelaide and unsuccessfully attempted to enter politics three times before joining the United Labor Party in 1904 and winning Torrens in 1905. He rose within the Labor ranks, becoming president of the Party and then Parliamentary Whip before joining Verran's ministry in 1910 as Treasurer. Known for his administrative skills, he was elected Party leader unopposed after Verran's resignation in 1913. Popular among the middle classes due to his white collar background, Vaughan led the opposition against Peake before becoming Premier in 1915 after Labor's victory over the Liberals. Under his government South Australia's education system was substantially enhanced, while rights for women and workers were likewise improved. Increasing budget deficit and Vaughan's moderation, as well as his approval of conscription, led to his censure as disloyal to the Party. Vaughan and his allies broke away to form the National Labour Party, ending Labor's middle-class influence for many years and destroying Labor's majority. Vaughan maintained his hold on the Premiership, hoping to develop a Liberal-National coalition, but was defeated in 1917, accepting a minority role in a Liberal led coalition cabinet. During the 1918 elections he lectured in the United States at the invitation of a Presidential commission, and lost his seat at Sturt as a result. He remained in America for 2 years before returning to Sydney to live, where he unsuccessfully attempted to enter NSW politics twice before his death in 1947.
Deceased15 Dec 1947


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
27 May 1905 - 26 Mar 1915House of AssemblyTorrensAustralian Labor PartyBoundary Redistribution
27 Mar 1915 - 05 Apr 1918House of AssemblySturtAustralian Labor PartyNot Re-elected


Ministerial Appointment

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03 Jun 1910 - 17 Feb 1912Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration
03 Jun 1910 - 17 Feb 1912Treasurer
03 Apr 1915 - 14 Jul 1917Minister of Education
03 Apr 1915 - 14 Jul 1917Premier
03 Apr 1915 - 14 Jul 1917Treasurer
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