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  Hon Henry Strangways


Full Name Henry Bull Templar Strangways
Public ActivitiesBorn circa 1832
An English born and trained lawyer, Henry Strangways came to South Australia in 1857. In addition to working as a solicitor, he was elected in 1858 to the Lower House as the member for Encounter Bay. Throughout the 1860's he held a number of important ministerial positions including Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration under the Premierships of Waterhouse, Dutton, and Ayers. In October 1868 with the defeat of Ayers' third ministry, Strangways formed a ministry of his own and became Premier. As Premier, he played a vital role in planning for the introduction of railways and the overland telegraph to South Australia - both important to the future development of the state. He is best known, however, for his success in passing his Wastelands Bill (later referred to as the Strangways Act) during 1868-69. The Act, an initially controversial one, made it much easier for small farmers to select and purchase land previously unused by colonists. It was instrumental in bringing about the steady increase in wheat production that occurred over the next decade. Strangways was unable to form a workable government following the elections of 1870 and was forced to resign as Premier. He subsequently returned to England where he continued to take an interest in colonial matters before his death in 1920.
Deceased10 Feb 1920


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
15 Jan 1858 - 16 Nov 1862House of AssemblyEncounter BayPre-Party SystemChanged Seat
17 Nov 1862 - 28 Jul 1871House of AssemblyWest TorrensPre-Party SystemResigned


Offices Held

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28 Jul 1871Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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09 May 1860 - 20 May 1861Attorney-General
20 May 1861 - 08 Oct 1861Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration
17 Oct 1861 - 04 Jul 1863Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration
22 Mar 1865 - 23 Oct 1865Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration
03 Nov 1868 - 30 May 1870Attorney-General
03 Nov 1868 - 30 May 1870Premier
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