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  Hon Dean Brown AO


Full Name Dean Craig Brown AO
QualificationsAO (2008), BRurSc., Dip.Bus.Admin., MRurSc.
EducationMaster of Rural Science - University of New England
Prior EmploymentResearch Scientist
Public ActivitiesDuke of Edinburgh Industrial Study Conference, Canada
Dean Brown was educated at the University of New England in NSW and worked in the South Australia Department of Agriculture before his election to the House of Assembly in 1973 as the Member for Davenport. He served in Premier Tonkin's ministry, holding the portfolios of Public Works and Industrial Affairs, before a term in opposition during Bannon's Premiership. After losing the seat of Davenport at the 1985 election, he worked in business for 6 years before re-entering Parliament as the Member for Alexandra in 1992. Two days after his re-election to Parliament, Brown was elected Leader of the Opposition.

Brown led the Liberal Party to victory with a record majority in 1993, he being elected to the newly named seat of Finniss. He served as Premier and Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs. Under his Premiership the government cut spending in various areas in an attempt to reduce the State's debt. His Government was also the first in the world to outsource its data processing for the whole of government and was thus responsible for a new information technology industry being development in the State.

A leadership challenge in November 1996 saw his loss of the Premiership to John Olsen. He became Minister for Human Services in the Olsen government and Deputy Premier to Premier Kerin on the resignation of Premier Olsen in October 2001. Following the victory of the Labor Party at the General Election of February 2002 he became Deputy Leader of the Opposition, serving until 2005. He retired from Parliament at the 2006 Election.


DateHouseDistrictPartyReason (If Retired)
10 Mar 1973 - 22 Jul 1974House of AssemblyDavenportLiberal and Country LeagueChanged Party
22 Jul 1974 - 07 Dec 1985House of AssemblyDavenportLiberal PartyNot Re-elected
09 May 1992 - 10 Dec 1993House of AssemblyAlexandraLiberal PartyBoundary Redistribution
11 Oct 1993 - 17 Mar 2006House of AssemblyFinnissLiberal PartyRetired


Offices Held

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11 May 1992 - 14 Dec 1993Leader of the Opposition
06 Mar 2002 - 21 Nov 2005Deputy Leader of the Opposition
17 Mar 2006Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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18 Sep 1979 - 10 Nov 1982Minister for Industrial Affairs
18 Sep 1979 - 10 Nov 1982Minister of Public Works
14 Dec 1993 - 28 Nov 1996Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs
14 Dec 1993 - 28 Nov 1996Premier
22 Dec 1995 - 28 Nov 1996Minister for Information Technology
12 Dec 1996 - 20 Oct 1997Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
12 Dec 1996 - 20 Oct 1997Minister for Information and Contract Services
12 Dec 1996 - 20 Oct 1997Minister of Industrial Affairs
17 Oct 1997 - 05 Mar 2002Member of Executive Council
20 Oct 1997 - 17 Dec 1997Minister for Disability Services
20 Oct 1997 - 17 Dec 1997Minister for the Ageing
20 Oct 1997 - 05 Mar 2002Minister for Human Services
22 Oct 2001 - 05 Mar 2002Deputy Premier
04 Dec 2001 - 05 Mar 2002Minister for Disability Services
04 Dec 2001 - 05 Mar 2002Minister for the Ageing

Committee Information

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07 May 2002 - 26 Apr 2006Member - Standing Orders Committee
22 Aug 2002 - 20 Feb 2006Member - Genetically Modified Organisms
30 Jun 2004 - 20 Feb 2006Member - Nursing Education and Training
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